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Dr. Hansun Zhang Waring Talk

Dr. Hansun Zhang Waring Talk

What to Look for and How to Talk about it:
Conversation Analysis and Second Language Teacher Education

Abstract: In this talk, I outline two ways in which conversation analysis (CA) can advance the field of second language teacher education (SLTE). First, CA insights offer detailed documentations of L2 teaching as the “specialized professional work” that requires “a range of complex repertoires” (Hall, in press, also see “interactional competence for teaching (ICT) in Hall & Johnson, 2014; “classroom interactional competence” in Walsh, 2006). Insofar as understanding the complexity of such specialized professional work is integral to the curriculum of any language teacher education program, CA findings on classroom interaction make a substantial contribution towards building this curriculum–by answering the question of what to look for when we examine teaching for teacher development purposes. Second, from the growing, albeit much less robust, body of CA literature on post-observation conferences, we are beginning to obtain a glimpse into the problems and possibilities entailed in promoting reflective conversations. As such, CA analyses can also provide useful answers to the question of how to engage such conversations on L2 teaching. I conclude by emphasizing that SLTE is a multi-dimensional enterprise that requires coordinated and collaborative efforts from all stakeholders with varying types of experiences and expertise.

Bio: Hansun Zhang Waring is Associate Professor of Linguistics and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and founder of The Language and Social Interaction Working Group (LANSI). As an applied linguist and a conversation analyst, Hansun has primarily been interested in understanding the discourse of teaching and learning in a variety of contexts. She is the author of Theorizing Pedagogical Interaction: Insights from Conversation Analysis (2016), Conversation Analysis and Second Language Pedagogy (with Jean Wong) (2010; 2nd edition forthcoming), and Discourse Analysis: The Questions Discourse Analysts Ask and How they Answer them (2018). Her current book projects include: (with Elizabeth Reddington) Communicating with the Public: Conversation Analytic Studies (Bloomsury), (with Jean Wong) Storytelling in Multilingual Interaction: A Conversation Analytic Perspective (Routledge), and (with Sarah Creider) Micro-reflection on Classroom Communication: A FAB framework (Equinox).