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Brian MacWhinney Talk2
Kimura, Mattson, Amory - TESOL 2016
Brian MacWhinney Talk
PSU-TC May Symposium
PSU-TC May Symposium 2
Symposium reception
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About the Center

Housed in the College of the Liberal Arts and affiliated with the Department of Applied Linguistics, the Center for Research on English Language Learning and Teaching (CRELLT) functions as a catalyst for advancing the Department’s established scholarly focus on the teaching and learning of ESL, with a particular focus on the non-credit Intensive English Communication Program (IECP) intended for students wishing to study at Penn State or another U.S. university at the undergraduate or graduate level and who need to improve their academic English.

CRELLT regularly holds research meetings, such as monthly CA data sessions and biennial research meetings. Our current research project is building the Corpus of English for Academic and Professional Purposes (CEAPP). If you are interested in exploring a variety of issues related to English language learning and teaching and classroom interactions, we invite you to join this research team.

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