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Mission & Goals

Our specific objectives are to:

  • Engage in socioculturally-informed research on the:
    • multimodal (interactional, linguistic, prosodic, nonverbal, textual, visual etc.) constitution of teaching, learning and other practices found in intensive English Language programs designed specifically for non-native English speaking international students
    • multilingual, multimodal resources that teachers and students draw on to successfully manage their involvement in these practices
    • documentation of changes to teachers’ and learners’ understandings and uses of multimodal resources arising from their participation in these practices
    • impact of academic-based service learning experiences on learners’ English language development
    • relationship between practices within the intensive language programs and across the programs and between the practices constituting the students’ fields of study
  • Develop a digitized video corpus of resources and practices that can be used for cross-case, cross-corpora comparisons
  • Develop a cross-institution, geographically distributed, networked collaboration on collection and analysis of similar data on adult English language teachers and learners with colleagues at national and international institutions
  • Apprentice undergraduate and graduate students into using various technologies and both quantitative and qualitative methods in the documentation and analysis of communicative practices and individual participation and development in them
  • Promote scholarly dialogue on research findings and theoretical, methodological and practical issues arising from them via publications, conference presentations, and workshops
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